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38 Light’s LinkedIn Outreach

Not Just Connections, But Conversations That Matter. We transform your LinkedIn from an average profile into a powerhouse of opportunities. We're not about the usual, bland outreach stuff. Oh no, we're here to give your LinkedIn presence some serious muscle.

Wondering How We Can Help You?

Well, let's see…

Optimize Profiles

Research your target audience deeply to determine their needs, interests, challenges, and preferences.

Building a Targeted Network

Identify and connect with industry-specific professionals. Personalize connection requests for meaningful engagement, focusing on individuals who align with your goals.

Engaging and Following Up

Encourage ongoing interaction with connections through likes, comments, and content sharing. Guide you in following up with new contacts and maintaining an active presence.

The Things You Need to Succeed In LinkedIn

1. A great product or service.

2. A collaborative approach to campaign messaging, including iterative A/B testing.

3. Access to LinkedIn network and we take care of the rest.

How It Works

Step 1:

We pair you with a remote Business Development Representative (BDR).

Step 2:

You prepare your campaigns, contact lists, and messaging for your BDR using our Digital Prospector Workflow templates.

Step 3:

Your BDR connects with you via VPN daily and engages your industry ecosystem.

What You Can Expect

Our LinkedIn Outreach Pricing Plan

Essential Outreach


Growth Connection


Professional Outreach


My website design experience was amazing thanks to 38 Light. They understood what I wanted and made it happen perfectly. If you need great design, they're the ones to choose!
Jamie Shanks
Founder, Get Levrg
I'm really pleased with how my website turned out. The team provided support every step of the way, making sure everything was just right. A big thanks to this awesome team!
Amar Sheth
COO, Pipeline Signals
I'm truly impressed with their work. They brought my ideas to life and were incredibly friendly throughout the process. Really appreciate their work!
Christopher Smith
Founder, Empellor CRM
Nazm made my marketing team. He built us an ecosystem and that ecosystem never stopped generating leads.
Raisul Kabir
Founder & CEO, Brainstation-23
I call him 'The Complete Package'. From pitching to product development, even in critical business decisions, Nazm made both Sheba and me a better workforce.
Adnan Imtiaz Halim
Co-Founder & CEO,
Nazm built us an inbound marketing machine!
Syam Anupom
Founder, Time Tackle

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