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We help ambitious brands accelerate their growth through super-effective email marketing services.

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Your Swiss Army Knife In Email Marketing

Expertly utilizing insights from thousands of B2B outreach campaigns, we craft and send highly personalized cold emails to your ideal clients, consistently delivering a steady stream of top-quality, meeting-ready leads.

Build Lists

‍We create targeted and qualified email lists of your ideal audiences.

Write Emails

Our copywriter writes persuasive and hyper-personalized emails that actually get replies.

Execute Outreach

‍‍Send personalized emails to thousands of your ideal prospects on a daily basis.

Close Deals

‍You're informed whenever you get a meeting ready for close.

Our Email Marketing Solutions

Email Marketing Strategy

‍We create targeted and qualified email lists of your ideal audiences.

Cold Email Outreach

Effortlessly get your unique message in front of a lot of potential customers who do not know your brand yet.

Email Campaign Management

Let our dedicated email marketing experts help you build, deploy, and manage email marketing campaigns at scale.

Email Automation

Increase your conversion rate and customer satisfaction by sending the right message at the right time

We Send Emails, You Get Sales.

A Full-Service Email Marketing Agency

38 Light’s email marketing services offer a complete solution to increasing your open and click-through rates, driving sales while building your brand identity and nurturing good relationships with your target prospects.

Crank Up Revenue by 30% with Our Foolproof Method

Here is how we do it…

Data Deep-Dive

Forget guesswork. We crunch the numbers, dissecting your audience's digital DNA to tailor emails that hit the sweet spot—every single time.

Pixel-Perfect Emails

Boring emails? Bin them. We craft visual masterpieces with killer copy that pops out of the inbox and into your customer's heart.

Timed to Perfection

Our emails land with the precision of a Swiss watch. Right place, right time - that's when the magic happens, and the cash registers ring.

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Turn Cold Email Campaign Into A Revenue Generating Goldmine

Power up your cold email outreach into a lead-converting sales engine with our easy-to-use tools and expert done-for-you services.